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College Requirements

College Admission

The counselors at North Polk highly suggest students contact their prospective colleges directly through an admission counselor. Every college is unique on what courses they suggest students will need to be accepted into their program or institution. The counselors can assist in connecting students with an admission counselor, but students should be researching the prospective institutions and ensuring they are on track for admission.

This is especially important when students are taking DMACC courses in high school. Students should be connecting with their future colleges to ensure the DMACC courses will transfer into the future college correctly.

 Please reach out to the counseling team if you have questions or need guidance on how to do this. 

See the link below for DMACC's Transfer Credit website.

DMACC Transfer Credit Website

RAI Score

Use this to calculate your index, which is part of the admission requirements for Iowa high school students applying to Regent Universities.

Iowa high school graduates must achieve a Regent Admission Index (RAI) score of at least 245 and take the minimum number of required high school courses to qualify for automatic admission as freshmen to Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Iowa. The RAI Core Course Lists provide each Iowa high school with a list of their respective courses that are accepted for the RAI. Students who achieve a score less than 245 will be considered for admission on an individual basis. 

The RAI combines factors that strongly predict success at the Regent Universities: ACT or SAT test score, high school rank, high school cumulative grade-point average, and the number of completed high school core courses.

There are two RAI formulas for computing students' RAI scores, the Primary RAI formula (for students whose high school provides class rank) and the Alternative RAI formula (for students whose high school does not provide class rank). Below is a detailed description of each formula:

Primary RAI Formula
(for students whose high school provides class rank)  

(1 x Percentile class rank)

(2 x ACT composite score)

(20 x Cumulative GPA)

(5 x Number of years of RAI-approved high school courses completed in the core subject areas)

= RAI score 

For more information check out the RAI website below.

RAI Website

See the link below for North Polk's RAI course list. These are the courses taught at North Polk that RAI will accept. 

North Polk's RAI Website