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College Visits

College visits offer prospective students a valuable opportunity to explore a college or university firsthand during an on-campus visit. These days can also be utilized for local events, job shadowing, and meetings with trade schools and apprenticeships. If you've exhausted your allotted days but have another event in mind, please reach out to a counselor for assistance.

We allow the following excused full-day visits each year:

  • Sophomores: 2 days
  • Juniors: 4 days
  • Seniors: 2 days

Find the necessary forms below. One form is designated for college visits, while the other covers various events students may wish to attend throughout the year, either through a class or the counseling department. Ensure that the form is completed and submitted to the office before your visit.

College Representative Form: Use this form to inform the counselor about the college representative you'd like to engage with. We will promptly provide you with details on your scheduled meeting with that college. Click here for the form.

College and Career Exploration Visit Form
NP Event Form