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Course Descriptions – times and locations subject to change

Business Communication and Technology:​ ​Students will earn 3 DMACC credits for ADM154 Business Communication. ​Program meets daily from 12:50 – 2:50 for one semester.​ Course meets at REG in Ames. Along with receiving college credit, students will receive 2 HS credits in the Elective Category. BCT combines innovation with communications, technology, marketing, and data management to enable the student to assume the role of a professional creative consultant. In Business Communication and Technology, students are paired with organizations for which they prepare materials such as marketing strategies, logos, business cards, graphic design pieces, and social media campaigns. This field is in high demand in all industries and has incredible potentialfor start-ups. If you love web design, programming, business, marketing, writing, gaming, leadership or want to learn how technology can apply to your field of interest, this class is for you.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering​:​ Students will earn DMACC credit for EGR100 Engineering Orientation (1 credit) and SDV164 Electronic Portfolio Development (2 credits). ​Program meets daily from 7:30 – 9:30 am for one semester. ​Course meets at SBA Architects in Ames. Students will also receive 2 HS elective credits.

MDE students will gain an understanding of the broad field of Engineering and the varied career opportunities within Engineering in Story County. Whether you are interested in architecture and design, robotics and advanced manufacturing, or agricultural engineering, Multi-Disciplinary Engineering has something for you. Students will be encouraged to experience one or more of the engineering professions in more depth as they work on real world design projects that shape the environment for future generations.

Renewable Energy and Bio-Sciences​:​ Students will earn 1 DMACC credit for SDV130 Career Exploration and 3 DMACC credits for ADM269 Workplace Professionalism. ​Program meets daily from 12:50 - 2:50 for one semester. Course meets at RE/Biosciences in Ames. HS students will also receive 2 HS elective credits.

RE/B-S will focus on the intersecting fields of energy production and the related cutting edge scientific principles that apply to both energy and biology related topics. Students will learn about the distinct career fields within various forms of energy production and storage, experience lab techniques used with the bio-science field, and have the opportunity to see the science in action while working alongside professionals in the field.

Health and Human Services: ​Students will receive 3 DMACC credits for HSV109 Introduction to Human Services. Program meets daily from 7:30 – 9:30 am daily for one semester.​ Course meets at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames. HS students will also receive 2 HS elective credits.

HHS provides an investigation of varied careers that focus on physical, social and emotional well-being of others. A general focus on the social service and healthcare industry will provide a base for students to explore their specific interests in career fields while working alongside professionals throughout Story County. Whether you have a curiosity about medicine, wellness, mental health or social services, Health and Human Services will allow you to explore your interest while building a professional portfolio of activities outside of the classroom.


You will need to scroll down to the SCALE program in the list at the Ames location.