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In the 8th grade, students will collaborate with their Middle School Counselor to develop a comprehensive 4-year plan. This process involves utilizing the online high school course book to select and prioritize core courses such as Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies. As students progress through high school, the High School Counselors will regularly review and update the 4-year plan, ensuring alignment with each student's post-secondary goals.

Upon entering high school, students will manage their class schedules through the Infinite Campus portal. Specifically, they will utilize the academic plan tab within the Infinite Campus system to facilitate the scheduling process.

For parents interested in monitoring their child's academic trajectory, the 4-year plan is accessible through the Infinite Campus parent portal.

It's essential for students to note that they have until the third day of each new semester to make adjustments to their schedules. Beyond this deadline, dropping a course becomes unavailable.